Are you a chef, a dinner joiner or more a takeaway person? Good news for the first two categories: the Freetown kitchen is finally available again and can be booked as from 1 June.

The best parties end in the kitchen! Celebrate your culinary party and cook your own meal in the Freetown kitchen. Here you will find three kitchen islands that can be booked every day of the week for your culinary skills. In addition, culinary activities are also organized regularly by X.

Plan a sumptuous dinner with your friends or allow the Nigella Lawson in you to bake a Chocolate Guinness Cake like nobody's watching. The kitchen is a nice place where there is always someone to find and you easily meet others. What are you eating today?

Practical information

You can reserve a cooking island with your X subscription.
Maximum 8 people for 1 kitchen island, during 2 hours.
Picking up the crate, cleaning and return of the crate are within the time of the reservation.
There is no limit to the number of cooking islands and the number of reservations you want to make in one evening.

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