There are two main types of acoustic guitars: the steel string guitar (also known as the western guitar) and the classical guitar with nylon strings (also known as the Spanish guitar). Both have a distinctive sound. The Spanish guitar was used to play Spanish flamenco and classical Baroque music. The steel string guitar originates from the United States and was mainly used for playing blues and country music. These days, both types are used for all kinds of music, including pop, rock, gypsy music and singer-songwriter songs. The same techniques can be used to play both guitars.

Safety measures coronavirus:

  • Adhere to the RIVM guidelines and the guidelines of the TU Delft.
  • Any symptoms: stay at home and get tested.
  • Indoors at X, you have to show your COVID certificate. This is including playing tennis in the balloon hall.
  • If you only use X’s outdoor facilities, you may use the outer gate near the tennis courts.
  • Keep 1.5 meters distance from one another. Exception: during sports activities.
  • Wear a face mask indoors at X. Exceptions: during sports activities and/or when a face mask interferes with the activity.
  • Changing rooms, toilets and lockers are available. Bring as little stuff as possible. Change before you come to X.
  • Good hygiene remains important.
  • If you take part in activities that fall under your X subscription, make sure you have your Campus Card or X card with you.

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Anyone can sign up for this individual course, whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced guitarist. These private lessons give you the chance to learn at your own pace and set your own challenges.The content of the course is adapted to your level and learning objectives. The focus can be on improving your rhythm or technique, improvising or playing certain arrangements or songs. Practice, accompanying music and other materials will all help you to achieve your musical aims.

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Boris Mogilevski

Boris obtained his master of music in jazz guitar at Codarts Rotterdam. Nowadays he works as a teacher of acoustic guitar and ukulele at X and gives private and online lessons at other organizations. Boris is also part of several bands that he tours around the world with.