Jazz dance is one of the most versatile styles in the dance world. The technique and structure of jazz dance can be seen as a merger of influences from different styles in which rhythm, musicality and orientation of movement play an important role. Jazz dance is constantly evolving and is a mix of different techniques and styles, such as street dance, funk, show, musical, African style and modern dance.

In the beginners course Jazz dance you will learn the basics of jazz dance, paying special attention to rhythm, dynamics, isolations, musicality, strength building and stretching. During the course you will learn how to do several jazz dance moves as well as what they’re all called. Just like classical ballet, jazz dance has its very own vocabulary! You will work on your technique and learn how use the space around you to the full. The exercises take you through the moves step by step. Once you have mastered them, you can combine everything you have learned.

During the course you will work on rhythm, dynamics, isolations, musicality, strength and stretching. Once you know the basics, the moves will become more complex and challenging. You will also learn the names of all the new jazz dance moves you practice. Exercises are combined to create challenging dances. Technique, use of space, imagination and performance will all feature in this course.

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Neil Dolan

Born in the UK, Neil trained at Laine Theatre Arts. After graduation, he lived in London and performed in British theatre before moving to work for a year in America. During his career Neil has performed throughout Europe in various musicals such as: Show Boat, We Will Rock You, Cabaret and West Side Story. In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands to join the original Dutch cast of Wicked in Scheveningen. For the past 6 years, Neil has been directing and choreographing theatre performances throughout the Netherlands. Neil is very excited to be joining the X team as Modern and Jazz teacher.