Everyone cycles in the Netherlands. They have plenty of reasons to do so: it is cheap, the fastest way of transport in the city, it is healthy, it gives a lot of freedom to move around and there is a large cycle network which makes it safe to cycle in traffic.

During the beginners cycling course, theory will be discussed and there will be a lot of practice on the bike itself. First, you will practice together on the terrain of X and then on the public road!

The course is aimed primarily for beginners. The beginners course is suitable for you if you can cycle at least 10 metres (unstable). We will raise your level of cycling considerably.

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Bas van der Geest

Bas studied Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft. During his studies, his focus was mainly on rugby and fitness. Helping people is his passion. That is why Bas is now a rugby coach, a fitness instructor at X and he teaches cycling.

When he was 26, he suffered a stroke, which mainly affected his speech. This made him realise that he can communicate well without words. He uses this way of communicating, among other things, when giving cycling lessons to international transition classes. This involves children who cannot speak Dutch or English yet.

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