Legs, Bums & Tums (LBT) is an aerobics lesson that focuses on stimulating the burning of fat and toning your figure. This ideal combination of cardio and strength training will help you to fix your body’s ‘problem areas’. Not only you will lose weight and tighten up your body, also you will improve your fitness.

The LBT lessons are focussed on the three wellknown 'problem zones'; legs, bums and tums. The ticket hour starts with a warming-up routine to warm up your muscles and get the fat-burning process going. This is followed by exercises for your legs, bums and tums, using weights, elastics and other gym equipment.

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Cindy Meijer

Cindy studied at the Academy for Physical Education. Furthermore, she followed various sports instructor courses like: a Step instructor course, a course Total Body Conditioning, Ground Control Pilates and Power Yoga. Since 1994 she works as a trainer for Aerobics, Tae Bo and Pilates.

Nancy Roeters

Nancy is sports teacher at Basic-Fit in Schiedam and Delft Leeuwenstein, where she teaches multiple classes. At X, she temporarily substitutes for Sharmayne Sanderse who temporarily . Nancy loves the more ‘heavy’ classes, where you work up a sweat. Besides being a sports teacher, she is also a gold smith.