In Let's talk about X, a (nowadays online) platform for discussions, we’ll talk about current topics that occupy our minds. You are invited to join the conversation to respectfully share your thoughts and experiences with other students regarding different topics.

Let's talk about X is a platform that provides an (online) meeting space twice a month, in which you are invited to participate in debates, analyse media and start interesting discussions. Each edition focuses on a different theme, such as art, culture, technology, politics, society, music, science and psychology. Often, a guest speaker will join the conversation, providing an inspiring evening by sharing his/her knowledge on the topic.

Join the Conversation
Let's talk about X will be hosted temporarily on Zoom. You don't need an X subscription to join and you don't need to enrol. The event will start with a 5-10 minute Q&A held on X’s Instagram in which the event will be announced, starting at 19:50. 

Do you want to keep up with all the ins and outs of the Let's talk about X? Join the Facebook-community. If there is something you would like to discuss during a Let's talk about X evening, or if you have a question about Let's talk about X, get in touch via

Let's Talk About X Topics

(Online) Let's talk about X: • Corona(-inspired) Innovation by TU Delft Students: AIRone the Emergency Ventilator • Design for Values in Times of COVID-19 • A Conversation about Institutional Racism • Your Favorite Book!The Psychology behind your Bad Habits • Dutch Politcs • Ireland • Elite Sports and COVID-19 • Investing for students 

Previous editions: • Brexit • Climate Change • Chess Tactics and Strategies • Body Positivity • Coming Out Day • Discussion about the Documentary ‘The Great Hack’ • How Novels are Made • Army Veteran • Writing • Jazz 2.0 • The Psychology of Social Dancing • The Relationship between University and Society 

Photo: Felix Quaedvlieg