Are you interested in practising martial arts but unsure where to start? If so, join us for MartialFit, where you can clear your mind and increase your self-confidence.

MartialFit is an overarching martial art in which Taekwondo, boxing and kickboxing come together. Every week awaits you an instructive and active lesson in which you are constantly in motion using fighting techniques with the fists and feet. Each lesson is different and challenging in its own way. It's the perfect sport for people who are interested in Martial Arts but don't know where to start. It's a great way to boost your confidence and to clear your head.

Together with eleven other participants you will be busy sharpening fighting techniques in an interactive way in group or in pairs. Your teacher watches closely and is always ready to explain something extra to you. You train your fitness and strength, and improve your flexibility. Your level will be taken into account, so regardless of your experience in martial arts you are welcome to attend a MartialFit class!

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Marwan Laaraj

Marwan started practicing Taekwondo when he was seven years old. He is a multiple winner at several Dutch Taekwondo Championships. Later on he extended his Martial Arts to boxing and kickboxing. He teaches MartialFit on a regular basis. Besides teaching in group form, he was also active as a personal trainer throughout the years. His classes are a safe space where everyone, regardless of experience, can enjoy MartialFit action. The focus will be set on you and your progress. Motivation and action to the max!