Talking about mental well-being and building resilience is incredibly important. In collaboration with Hii, X facilitates low-threshold workshops for students. The workshop format combines positive psychology and creative facilitation as a tool to help fuel the conversation.

Hii is a student-run organization facilitating workshops at X bi-weekly, with different topics each week. Read more about the topics and what dates each workshop will be held below. More info about Hii can be found on their website.

  • Dates Q1:
    • 20 September (Theme: My strengths)
    • 4 October (Theme: Dealing with stress)
    • 18 October (Theme: Good conversations)
  • Dates Q2:
    • 15 November (Theme: My strengths)
    • 29 November (Theme: Dealing with stress)
    • 13 December (Theme: Good conversations)
    • 10 January 2024 (Theme: Dealing with stress)
  • Dates Q3:
    • 14 February 2024
    • 28 February 2024
    • 13 March 2024
    • 27 March 2024
  • Dates Q4:
    • 24 April 2024
    • 8 May 2024
    • 22 May 2024
    • 5 June 2024

Schedule & enrolment


Melissa Kramer

Melissa Kramer currently does a Master's in Strategic Product Design. She has done design and creative studies since 2012 and is experienced in creative facilitation. With lots of own experience in the connection between physical and mental health, she likes to create a space for other to tell their stories and have meaningful conversations.

Neva Linn Rustad

Neva is studying Design for Interaction at TU Delft and gained experience in organizing and facilitating workshops for different purposes over the past years. Neva: “Making a comfortable and open environment where others feel free to explore our mental well-being is important for me.” As a Hii facilitator, Neva shows empathy and asks the right question at the right time.

Victoria Toellner

Victoria first became more actively involved in mental health and wellbeing during her bachelor studies in England where she volunteered as a mentor and facilitator in peer support groups. A whole pandemic later, this valuable experience inspired her to create something similar here at TU Delft.

For her, these workshops are all about exploration and learning. She’s curious about people and their stories and really believes that we can help each other to help ourselves. The activities in the workshops are carefully designed to guide students through the workshop whilst still leaving room for creativity and your own interpretation!

Kati de Jong

Kati studies Design for Interaction at the TU Delft. During her studies, she has led multiple workshops and learnt various techniques to facilitate deep conversations. Her experience with the topic of mental health is very personal. Since her diagnosis with ADD, she’s had an interest in the topic. Over the years, she has learned a lot about various aspects of mental health. She aims to guide more than steer. She listens to the participants and lets them think for themselves before offering deepening questions to further the conversation and learning process.

Deanne Spek

Design for mental well-being has become Deanne’s expertise during the last couple of years, with projects for her internship as well as her graduation project focusing on the development of the personal identity and confidence of medical students. In the workshops, Deanne aims to support everyone in becoming the best version of themselves. To do so, she tries to create a safe and inspiring environment.