Modern dance evolved at the start of the 20th century, when dancers went in search of forms of movement that would allow them to escape the shackles of the classical ballet style. They wanted to liberate their movements, find a way of expressing their feelings in the moves they made. Modern dance developed both in Europe and the United States. Differences in culture, politics and geography led to different styles of modern dance.

Modern dance is based on ordinary natural movements, such as walking, running, jumping, falling, turning and rolling. The technique is a continuation of natural body movements and emotions, which are merged to form a flowing dance.

The beginners course Modern Dance is perfect for people with no experience at all. During the course you will learn the basic principles of modern dance. You become aware of your own body and breathing. You will experience the natural progression of movement: from tensed to relaxed, fast to slow, heavy to light. Every lesson starts with a meditation exercise on the floor. You then learn some of the techniques, both on the spot and moving around the room. You will start working with the spine, in curves and twists, teaching you to use different dynamics in muscle tension. All of this helps you to initiate movement from the ‘center’ and to focus on your breathing. At the end of the class, you dance a combination based on the theme of that particular class.

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Neil Dolan

Born in the UK, Neil trained at Laine Theatre Arts. After graduation, he lived in London and performed in British theatre before moving to work for a year in America. During his career Neil has performed throughout Europe in various musicals such as: Show Boat, We Will Rock You, Cabaret and West Side Story. In 2011 he moved to the Netherlands to join the original Dutch cast of Wicked in Scheveningen. For the past 6 years, Neil has been directing and choreographing theatre performances throughout the Netherlands. Neil is very excited to be joining the X team as Modern and Jazz teacher.