Films come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a film fan or not, you will find films everywhere. Anyone can create a film or video. In recent years, this has increased considerably. This is mainly due to the use of YouTube and other social media platforms.

To make a film, the first thing you need is a story. To film a story, a scenario must first be created. The scenario is then turned into a script. This script is filmed and then the film is edited. Editing is one of the most important tools a filmmaker uses to express himself and tell a story. An important element of editing is sound, such as music, background noise, speech.

In this course, you will make your own film. From creating a scenario to editing the film. You will also learn how to film with a HD video camera.

With a group of 4 people, you come up with a scenario for a short film (5-10 minutes). During the filming, everyone has their own role, such as actor and director. You alternate roles so that there is enough footage to work with. You then learn how to edit the scenes in Adobe Premiere and other editing software. Several computers are available for this purpose, but having your own laptop with the programme is of course always nice if you also want to work on your film at home from time to time.

Everyone makes their own montage and edits the film in their own way. Titles, music, and texts can of course be added. At the end of the course, you have your own short film that you have made from start to finish.

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Jeroen Graus

Jeroen studied painting and video arts at the Royal Academy of fine arts in The Hague. He is also educated as a teacher in fine arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy.