The nutritionist is one of the experts within Boost. On a campus that is constantly growing, personal care sometimes unintentionally take a back seat. Boost offers a place on the campus that revolves around you. A place that can help you keep the balance, where we believe that prevention is better than cure and where we give you a little extra.

At Boost you can find specialists with various expertise in a approachable setting: a masseur, a nutritionist, a physiotherapist and counsellors of Career & Counselling Services. The nutritionist, physiotherapist and counsellors are there to advise you and can give you tips about taking that healthy, next step, this advice is free. The masseur performs sports and relaxation treatments at an attractive rate.  Our experts work together so that they can help you as well as possible.

Are you in need for a boost? In that case, feel free to walk in!

Safety measures coronavirus

  • Adhere to the RIVM guidelines.
  • Any symptoms: stay at home and arrange a test.
  • Keep 1.5 meters apart during all activities.
  • Wear a face mask when moving through the building.
  • For all outdoor activities groups of up to 2 people are permitted.
  • Change before you come to X.
  • Bring as little stuff as possible.
  • Come to X only on reservation.
  • Come no earlier than 5 minutes before the start time.
  • After your activity(s), leave immediately.

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