Open Studio

Open Studio brings together all of our fine arts disciplines: ceramics, sculpting, pottery, ceramic jewellery, silverclay, jewellery design, drawing & painting, fashion design, knitting, analogue and digital photography, screen printing, woodworking and the ACTlab. Are you keen to work on your own creative projects under the supervision of our assistants and get inspired by the rest of the community? Then visit the Open Studio!

New: each week one of the studios will have a ticket hour available on Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00. This may be a workshop for either beginners or experienced users of the Open Studio, a help session or instruction on how to use the equipment. These ticket hours are given by teachers and assistants and you can participate if you have a X subscription. You only have to pay for the materials used which is done through our material sheets. Don’t forget to register! Keep an eye on our Facebook group to see what the weekly programme will be.

Schedule & enrolment

Please note: this is only the schedule for the varying ticket hour on Saturday. You can register for general Open Studio via the buttons below to the various disciplines.

Open Studio is a ticket hour and open for everyone with an X subscription. Open Studio is available at times that there is an assistant present. The assistant can help you were needed, can give you tips and advice and makes sure that all materials and equipment is being used safely and responsibly. You can sign up for a ticket hour Open Studio at 13:00, the day before the ticket hour will be. In the webshop you find which fields within Open Studio will be open.

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