The expression "Photo Manipulation" has taken on a number of different definitions. Originally, the expression referred to what many today would simply regard as photo editing. In photo editing circles, however, the meaning is somewhat different today. Photo manipulations or "manips" usually refer to moving parts from one image to another or adding supernatural elements to a photo. For example, putting a face on a different body, or changing the size.

The Design & Editing course is all about editing photos. First, you learn to take high quality photographs yourself, after which you edit them in various ways to achieve the desired result. This can be minimal editing, for example to make a portrait lighter or darker, or to adjust the colours. But you will also learn how to use Photoshop in such a way that you can turn your photos into real works of art, for example by combining them to create fantasy landscapes.

We cover over- and under-exposure, shutter speed, flash, depth and composition. And you will learn all kinds of photography such as landscape, panorama and street photography, portrait and evening photography. You learn how to combine several photos and how to take double exposures.

You come up with a concept that you want to develop, a fantasy landscape, a surrealistic portrait, or simply a new but good profile photo. With Photoshop, you will then work with your chosen photo(s) to develop your idea.  You can also bring along your own material and combine it with photos taken during the course. Or a profile photo you already have that you would like to edit into something new.

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Pieter Lemmens

After graduating from the AKI (Academy of Arts and Industry) in Enschede,  Pieter deepened his knowledge by studying the different disciplines of photography. From free work photography to photography for commercial purposes. He works with various designers, publishers and magazines. Since a few years, Pieter is also active as a teacher and has organised several workshops. Characteristic for his photography is the inspection of the image, the agitation of light and the dynamics between sharp and blunt. He possesses knowledge in analog and digital editing, both in colour and black & white.