Power Yoga is a style of Yang yoga - an intense, dynamic form of yoga that is based on relaxation through exercise. In Power Yoga, you seek to achieve the perfect balance between strength and flexibility in every posture. Because you focus on your body and your breathing during the exercises, you also improve your concentration, calming your mind and enabling you to perform better in daily life.

During Power Yoga lessons you will work on different asanas (yoga postures). These are linked with vinyasa’s (dynamic movements) to form a flowing sequence, which are synchronized you’re your breathing. The sequences are intense, but are built up gradually with different options for the postures.  Are you tired? Then you can simply move into the relaxation posture for a few moments to relax. Power Yoga is therefore suitable for all levels of fitness. It is all about challenging yourself, while listening to your body at the same time. Each lesson is ended with a final relaxation exercise.

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Iris Plukaard

Iris took several yoga courses among which a course about yoga for kids and a course to become a personal yoga coach. She has been working as a yoga teacher at different gyms, yoga studios and S&C since 2010. Furthermore, she opened up her own yoga studio in 2015. Iris’ Hatha Yoga lessons contain exercises which focuses on breathing, relaxation and gaining flexibility through stretching. Her Power Yoga is a fitness-based Vinyasa practice, in which the breathing will be synchronized with movement.




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