Salsa is a dance style that has its roots in Cuban dance styles, such as the Son, Mambo and Cha-cha-cha. It’s a fast dance style that’s often danced to upbeat music. Will you be the king or queen at the next salsa party?

Beginners course I:

During the beginners course you learn the basics of the salsa dance and work on the first patterns together. You dance with a partner and learn to lead and to follow. You’ll learn the basic footwork as well as how to perform some of the figures using your arms. While you’re learning these movements, you’ll learn to feel the rhythm of salsa music. After this cource, you can attend salsa parties and dance together with other people.


Beginners course II:

This course teaches more basic steps and figures that later, in higher levels, form the building blocks for challenging combinations. During the course, you will work on footwork (or shines), with which you can dance separately to the music, and partner work, where you learn to lead and follow better. It is a continuation of the Salsa beginners course I, where you learn the very basics of salsa. Therefore, it is recommended to follow course I first, but of course everyone is welcome!

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Raimbard Merkies

Raimbard is currently studying MSc. Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. He has been dancing salsa for more than a decade now. Raimbard has worked with renowned Latin choreographers and has performed at various national and international salsa events. Next to salsa, he also dances other Latin dances, such as bachata and merengue.

Over the years, Raimbard became more interested in the teaching part to try to convey his dance experience to others. In his classes, he mainly focuses on a good basis, the correct technique and, of course, fun. See you on the dance floor!