Your voice is a very special instrument that you always have with you. The physical differences in vocal cords between men and women, for example, create a variety of vocal ranges such as soprano, tenor and baritone. Combining lyrics and music, singing is also a powerful way to convey emotions. You can take this singing course for all styles of music, the choice is yours!


This individual course is open to anyone whether you are just starting or an advanced vocalist. In the first lesson of the individual course, the teacher will assess your level and discuss your personal goals with you. This information will be used to plan out the structure and content of your lessons. Throughout the course, you will work towards your end goal, such as performing at the Presentation Night at the end of quarter 2 and 4.

Please note: teachers Annika Boxhoorn and Marvin Dee also teach songwriting. If you enrol for lessons with one of them, in the webshop, you will sign up for a variable timeslot called “ Singing / Songwriting”. You can tell them in the first lesson what you want to focus on. This can be only singing, only songwriting, or a combination of both. Jane Loois only teaches singing.

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Jane Loois

Jane followed the bachelor's degree in Pop Vocals/Jazz at Artez concert in Zwolle and then the Master's degree in Pop Vocals at Codarts in Rotterdam, where she focuses on backing vocals. Her coaching focuses on healthy use of your voice and getting to know a good "blend". It is important that you feel free to sing and use your voice.


Marvin Dee

Marvin (1987) studied singing at the Havo for Music and Dance and subsequently studied Musical Theater at the Codarts Conservatory in Rotterdam. Marvin has been teaching for more than 10 years. He is specialized in training people who are afraid to sing loudly or who are afraid of hitting (or well, missing, really) high notes. He has taught all sorts of vocalists over the years, including the ‘smooth chicks from Dr. Justice and the Smooth Operators, Friends of the Family, Tom Vrolijk and Luuk Geers. Marvin pays attention to your voice and your wishes. A session with Marvin is always about the techniques YOU want to master.


Annika Boxhoorn

Annika completed her study at Codarts Rotterdam with a major in Singing and two minors in Songwriting and education. Annika also works as a teacher Musical education at the conservatory of Rotterdam.