Skateboarding as we know it today originated in the 1940s in America, when surfers wanted to do something on dry land when the waves were flat. They started by attaching rollerblade wheels to the bottom of their surfboard, and in the early days of the sport it was just about creating speed and performing a few simple tricks, such as the ‘wheelie’. These days, each skateboard style has a different type of skateboard. The sport is known for the many tricks that you can do on the board. 

Board sports association DROP Delft organizes various skateboarding activities, such as clinics for beginners, skate sessions and SLIPtrips, in cooperation with X. These activities are organised regularly. Every week, a group of DROP Delft skaters goes to the skatepark to practice. During the dry, warm months of the year, they go to ‘De Middenberm’ skatepark in Delft, and in the cold, wet months they go to the covered skateboard halls in The Hague and Rotterdam. This group is a mix of beginners and experienced skateboarders. 



You need to have a membership of the association to join the training sessions.
For more information contact the specific association.

Practical Information

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You’ll need a membership of the association.
Bring your own skateboard.