Spinning was developed in the late 1980s by the former pro cyclist Johnny Goldberg. Recovering from an injury, he wanted a bike for training indoors. Spinning has now become one of the most popular forms of group training around, and is practised in sports centres throughout the world.

Safety measures coronavirus:

  • Adhere to the RIVM guidelines and the guidelines of the TU Delft.
  • Keeping 1.5 metres distance is no longer a rule; however, it is still a sensible idea to allow each other plenty of room.
  • Any symptoms: stay at home and get tested.
  • Good hygiene remains important.
  • If you take part in activities that fall under your X subscription, make sure you have your Campus Card or X card with you.
  • Inside Cafe X and at some events, a COVID certificate is required.

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You can take part in Spinning lessons almost every day. You cycle at different speeds, sitting and standing, with rousing music to keep you going. The changes in speed and posture have a positive effect on your heart, lungs, leg muscles and metabolism. You change the gears yourself, so you can make the workout as difficult (or easy) as you like. Spinning is the ideal quick fix if you want to improve your fitness level or burn some fat in a relatively short space of time. 

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Henri Lemmens

Henri studied at TU Delft and achieved his certificate for spinning instructor. He has been working at X for quite some time as Spinning, High Intensity Training, Fitness and Core Stability instructor.

Jan van Laren

In 2005 Jan obtained his certificate for indoor cycling and since than he has been working at X.

He is a fitness instructor and teaches several group lessons. In 2009 Jan achieved his Fit!vak fitness trainer A certificate.

Olga Uchitel

Olga started her health and wellness career as a Group Exercise Instructor at the YMCA of Silicon Valley in California. She later branched out to working as a Spinning Instructor. Her classes are designed to simulate an outdoor training ride with a focus on proper form, how to most efficiently attain your fitness goals and encourage and motivate you to challenge and meet new goals. 

Nuno Pereira

Nuno has 25 years of experience when it comes to Spinning practice. His lessons will challenge you both physically and mentally, allowing you to come out of his lessons as a stronger and better version of yourself everytime!

Dayenne Sanders

She studied Psychology in Maastricht (BSc) and Groningen (MSc) and has many years of experiences in gyms, giving classes such as Body Combat, Body Balance, circuit training, yoga, Body Pump, Spinning, HIIT and boxing. She is energetic and motivating. Her lessons make everyone feel like they belong and they can achieve something at their own level. It’s all about the feeling the music!

Thaniëlle Ignacia

Thaniëlle completed various sports related training programmes: RPM training in 2008, zumba training in 2010 and GRIT training in 2015. As from 2008 she works at various gyms. As of September 2017 she works at X. During class she pays a lot of attention to the right technique. Also, she wants to convey  the cycling experience.


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Practical Information

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Ticket hour
Remember to bring a towel and a bottle of water. We recommend using a heart rate monitor, but this is not compulsory. The spinning bikes are made for SPD shoes but you can also wear regular sport trainers.
If this is your first time spinning, please notify the teacher when you enter the spinning hall.