In table tennis, you hit a light ball over a net with a paddle to your opponent's half of the table, preferably making it as difficult as possible for them to hit the ball back to you. Table tennis originated in England as a miniature variant of tennis and has become very popular, in sports centres and even on campsites. The sport is very accessible and anyone can play it. Unlike tennis you donโ€™t have much space to move around, which means that speed is an important element of this sport. The combination of tactics, understanding the game, and ball control means that you make this sport as challenging as you want.

Are you interested in table tennis? Join our ticket hour table tennis for all levels! It doesn't matter if you have never touched a paddle before or if you are a seasoned table tennis player. We have several tables and each lesson consists of various technical exercises and ends with playing matches.

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Lucas van Elderen

Lucas has been playing table tennis regularly for over eight years. Currently, he is a member of table tennis club DHC in Delft, where he also plays competitions. In his lessons, Lucas adapts his teaching style to the needs of the participants. This way, everyone will develop their skills to its fullest potential.

You are free to play table tennis - without supervision - almost whenever you want. There are table tennis tables available in halls X1 and X3. You can come and play games against your friends or challenge one of the other table tennis fans. 


You need to have a valid X subscription to play.

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