Improvisation is all about being spontaneous. The things that occur on stage are not the interpretation of a script, but are created there and then by the actors.   In this form of theatre – often comedy – the actors perform scenes and/or stories based on one or more suggestions. Improvisational theatre is not only an art form in its own right; it is also used as a technique to prepare or rehearse actors for film, television and theatre productions.

The Delft Improv Group (DIG) offers improv sessions for players of all levels, in collaboration with X. The first two sessions you join are free. So you can just come by and see if improv is something for you. If you want to continue after that you are required to become a member of the association.

The improv sessions are being held every Thursday from 19:00-20:30 and from 20:45-22:15 in Dance Studio B. During each session, the fundamental rules of improv are mentioned, not only for the understanding of the first-timers, but to also drill it into the heads of experienced members. The best way to get better from there is to just keep playing, which is exactly what the sessions are meant for.

 DIG offers you the opportunity to hone your improv skills in an international environment with members from very different backgrounds, and with different levels of improv theatre experience. The group also performs shows every 45 days (roughly), thereby providing several opportunities to play for an audience as well. 



You need a valid X year subscription and association membership to participate.

X subscription

Practical Information

All levels
Closed training
You'll need a membership of the association.
Wear comfortable clothing and bring a bottle of water.