A triathlon is a competition involving three different sports: cycling, swimming and running. This endurance sport should be challenging enough for the most hardened sports fanatics! An official triathlon comprises a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42.195 km run (a marathon!). There are also several versions of the triathlon, such as a duathlon (a combination of running and cycling) and a cross triathlon (off-road mountain biking and running).

Swimming, water polo and triathlon association DSZ WAVE organizes the triathlon training sessions in collaboration with X. The only way to participate in these triathlon training sessions is as a member of this association. Separate training sessions are offered for each of the three triathlon components.

Swimming training sessions take place at the Kerkpolder swimming pool in Delft. Triathletes are welcome to join the regular DSZ WAVE training sessions. You can train in a special lane to focus on long distances.

You can also take part in running training sessions. During the first part of the training you focus on your running technique; the second part is devoted to interval training. During the cycling season, training takes place in a group every Saturday morning. 



You need a valid X year subscription and association membership to participate.

X subscription

Practical Information

All levels
Closed training
You’ll need a membership of the association.
Bring your swimming clothes and goggles for the swimming sessions, and outdoor clothing and running shoes for the running sessions.