The fashion industry is said to be responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In the Upcycling Fashion ticket hour, you will discover fundamental and fun techniques to make the most of your current wardrobe. Learn how to give your clothes a second life and minimize your environmental impact!

In each Upcycling Fashion lesson, we focus on a different technique for transforming, repairing, decorating or recycling pieces of clothing.

The ticket hour starts with an introduction of the technique that will be the main focus of the lesson and gathering inspiration for your upcycling project. Then, under the guidance of the instructor, you will get straight down to work putting the technique into practice! All the material is provided.

If you have a garment that needs fixing or that you don't wear for some other reason, take it with you! You may upcycle it immediately with the technique of the day, or get personal advice on how to proceed. Have you started a fashion project (sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting) and you need help on how to continue? The instructor will be happy to think along with you.

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Marta Gavioli

Marta is an engineer in love with textile craftsmanship; in particular sewing, crochet, hand- and machine-knitting. They also enable her to design and create unique, long lasting and loved garments. Additionally, she is very interested in the historical and social aspects of these arts. Marta is also a Fashion Design Open Studio assistant and she has taught several workshops at X.