Get to know a material that you see and work with every day, on a whole new level: wood. In this course, you’ll be able to create something unique with this versatile material from start to finish.

During this course, you’ll go off the beaten track. You will experience that wood as a material is very versatile. Did you know that is has a lot of the same qualities as plastic? It can be bended easier that you might think! In this course you will bend wood in a mould; this is called laminating. By combining this technique with digital techniques and some imagination, you can create original sculptures.

Because this is not a standard technique, the course is accessible for all levels. 

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Nora van Krimpen

Nora van Krimpen worked as a cabinet maker, specialised in ship accommodations between 1999 and 2007. Hereafter, she started working as an instructor woodworking at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam (The Willem de Kooning Academy) and never left. The past five years, she has combined this with working for her own design studio; igNor. As a teacher, Nora uses both digital and artisanal techniques. This combination provides the most optimal space for artistic self- development, consolidation of knowledge and skills and originality.

The Open Studio: Woodworking is open to anyone with an X subscription who has completed a Woodworking or Furniture Design course, or anyone with experience with woodworking, at any time when an assistant is present. All you need to do is register beforehand. The assistant is there to help when needed, to give tips and advice and to ensure that all materials and equipment are used responsibly and safely. 

During the Open Studio: Woodworking you are welcome to use hand tools and small machines. Materials are also available for purchase. Or you can bring your own materials.

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Schedule & enrolment


The Open Studio: Fine Arts and events are included in the X subscription.

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Assistants available
Reserve in advance, the day before from 13:00
On Friday from 18:00 until 23:00 and on Saturday from 12:00 until 18:00