With percussion, you combine different styles and traditions and apply them within modern music styles such as rock and pop. The traditional styles used include son, guaguanco, merengue, conga, samba, ijexá and flamenco.

During the lessons, you will discover the immense richness of popular and folkloric rhythms and styles of Latin America, Brazil and Spain, always with attention to your own, current musical interests.
Percussion and dance are always connected, therefore the focus of the course is on developing skills to guide dancers. The most important thing is of course to enjoy!



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José Villegas

José Villegas (“Zé Malandro”) is a Spanish percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, teacher and composer based in Rotterdam. At the age of 10 he asked a bongo for his birthday and learned to play it from old records he found. His teens were marked by flamenco, as he studied classical Spanish guitar in different music schools. His love for Brazilian and Latin music started during his youth and never ceased. In 2013, he decided to study Jazz and trumpet at The School of Jazz in Cádiz. A year later, he attended The Modern Music & Arts Center (CAMM) in Málaga. In 2017, he traveled to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahia to enhance his technique as a percussionist, playing with and learning from renowned local musicians. Nowadays, he continues his career as percussionist, singer and trumpet player.