XCORE ® stands for Extreme Core training, an intensive workout that merges an effective core training with fun. This workout is the ultimate core training for your back, abs and hip muscles with the use of the XCO trainer ®, a metal tube that contains granulate. At the beginning and the end of each movement the XCO trainer ® safely adds extra impact to your muscles and connective tissue through your entire body.

This 45 minute workout is an effective, yet simple dynamic and intense core training. The mix of the latest and the greatest hits will motivate you to give it all during the explosive movements. This dynamic workout does not have a complex choreography. You will improve your cardiovascular endurance, improve your coordination and balance, strengthen your core muscles and connective tissue and you will burn and ton of calories. Those 45 minutes will be over before you know it.

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Shamangi Kooistra

Shamangi started as an fitness instructor in 1996. Three years later she graduated from the Aerobics Fitness Netherlands institute and at the same time she did a course to become Body Power instructor. Between 2004 and 2015 she participated in several instructor courses like Power Yoga, Pilates and Extreme Core Training. Besides she widened her knowledge by experimenting with Tae Bo, Bodyshape, Zumba, Steps, Body Balance and Yoga.

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Juan Tang

Juan has been following various group lessons for years, ranging from strength training to stretching and dancing. After some years as a teaching assistance, she started giving her own lessons at various sport centers in 2020. She obtained the certifications of Body Pump and Grit from Les Mills in 2020. Her lessons are fun and make you smile. She also encourages you to push your limits.

Salil Luesutthiviboon

Salil is a PhD candidate at TU Delft and a self-educated fitness fanatic. He creates his own strength and cardio training routines for a group of friends and is an X member for many years. He sees himself as both an instructor and a DJ; a well-structured workout programme combined with fun and motivating music.

Floor Bontje

Floor has been a certified group fitness instructor since 2019 and teaches various group classes in gyms. For example Xcore, Body Pump and GXR Booty. In her classes she is energetic, cheerful and dedicated. Floor will make sure you have a good time during the work-out and get everything out of it! Next to teaching XCORE, Floor is currently finishing her master in Mechanical Engineering.


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Wear sports clothes that allow you to move freely and remember to bring a towel. It's also a good idea to bring a bottle of water for during the class.