Yin and Yang; according to traditional Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang together form the perfect balance. Whereas Yin is turned more inwards, aiming to achieve calm and tranquillity, Yang represents energy, power and movement. These principles are also applied in yoga.  

The difference in a nutshell:

1. Yin Yoga helps you to calm down, relax and feel more at ease, for example when you are stressed. The result is more suppleness, space and calm in your system.

2. Yang Yoga gives you more energy, peps you up if you feel lethargic and gives you more physical strength.

Yang Yoga works by tensing your muscles and developing strength and endurance. Yin Yoga is all about relaxation, calm and letting go. Positions are maintained for a relatively short time.

Because of the balance in Yin and Yang, this Yang Yoga lesson combines perfectly with the Yin Yoga lesson. 

The Yang Yoga lesson teaches you to build up strength by practising physically challenging yoga positions. The lesson is guided by the breathing, which makes the positions easier and increases your focus. Because you tense your muscles, you notice that it becomes easier to relax them.

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Martijn van Stam

Besides being an architecture student at TU Delft, Martijn also is a certified yoga teacher with more than 500 hours of experience. He works as a yoga teacher at several yoga studios and gyms, among which X. In his lessons, Martijn uses both traditional and non-traditional poses, breathing techniques and relaxation methods: a combination which can help you to deal with physical complaints as well as dealing with stress.


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