In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, activities at X are limited. What can you do at X this summer?

  • You can go to Cafe X and take a seat on the renewed terrace or get a tasty takeaway dish.
  • You can reserve various rooms and outdoor fields via the webshop or our Rental department: tennis court, beach volleyball field, basketball field, hockey field, soccer field and sports hall X3b.
  • You can participate in various ticket hours. These take place outside, on the 'West Square'. This is the square behind the beach volleyball fields. If the weather is bad, the ticket can be moved inside (X3a).
  • You can make use of the fitness.
  • If you are in possession of an ACTlab certificate, you can go back to ACTlab and the VR booths and use the 3D printer and laser cutter.

The schedule below is a daily overview of the ticket hours and the available time slots at the fitness:

How to Enrol Step-by-Step

• You need an X subscription and/or fitness supplement to participate.
• Choose 'What’s on Offer' in the menu and then 'Enrol directly'.
• Log in with your NetID (click on the TU Delft logo on the right).
• Go to ‘Bookings’ in the top right of the menu.
• Choose for the online activity of your choice and then the time slot that suits you.
• You will immediately receive an email confirming your enrolment.
• Have fun and good luck!