The American Jon Kabat-Zinn developed an effective method for reducing stress. He called it ‘mindfulness’. He based his method on Zen and yoga practices, and on Buddhist meditation techniques. Mindfulness means focusing our attention on the here and now, in a non-judgemental way.

The mindfulness sessions are short; they will only last up to 30 minutes. The sessions consist of meditation and attention exercises. You will learn to be present in the here and now, to create moments of stillness and peace in your life, to be less distracted by your thoughts and be more aware of bodily sensations, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to promote an open and gentle attitude.

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Dick van Wijngaarden

Dick was educated as a sports teacher at CIOS Overveen, he is trained as judo teacher and specialized in Budo (Japanese Martial Arts). He acquired karate in the third Dan (grade), jiu jitsu in the first Dan and judo in the second Dan. Furthermore, he also  followed a mindfulness course. Dick works as a sensai for Budo, 55+ Keep Fit,  circuit trainer and gives the mindfulness lessons at X.


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No special clothing is required for these group lessons; you can attend in your everyday clothes.