Food waste is omnipresent in our lives – from throwing out the leftovers that have been sitting in your fridge for too long and look suspicious, to buying vegetables that we don’t enjoy in order to become the healthiest and best version of ourselves. And what about all the food that goes to waste in restaurants, supermarkets etcetera? 

What can you do with your leftovers? How can you be more aware of what is tucked away in the back of our cupboards and fridges? How can you lessen food waste through the way you consume? The food in your bins at home often goes unnoticed and Foodsharing Delft wants to do something about that. They want to change the way we consume food. One of their initiatives is to save food that would otherwise have been thrown away, and turn it into a delicious dinner.

Foodsharing Delft organises monthly No Waste Dinners in collaboration with X and the Green Office. 

If you enjoy free, sustainable food and fun, join the monthly dinners in the kitchens of Freetown at X. You can even get involved by picking up food at various locations and preparing the dinner.

Want to know when the dinners take place? Check the Facebook group of Foodsharing Delft.

Schedule & enrolment


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You don’t need a X subscription to join this course.

Practical Information

All levels
Unsupervised Practice - no maximum amount of participants
Once a month
Each dinner is 120 minutes
Bring yourself, some friends and maybe whatever is left in your fridge