Salsation is the brand-new Latin dance workout. The lesson is slightly different from lessons inspired by dance, such as Zumba, because it combines functional training (in which you use your body weight to train) and updated Latin dance moves. Salsation - as the name suggests - is an amalgamation of Salsa and sensation. Once you’ve experienced it, you’ll know what a sensation it really is to take part in this musical and expressive dance fitness programme!

The lesson starts with a warm-up designed to improve your range of movements, body awareness and musicality. It combines isolations with dynamic move choreographies. Isolations, familiar from the world of dance, are exercises in which you isolate specific body parts. By combining this with dynamic moves, you prepare your body and mind for the rest of the lesson.

After the warm-up you will learn a range of choreographies including Latin, dancehall, African and pop music dances. You can feel the music throughout your body as you are swept away by the singer’s emotions.

The lesson ends with a cooling down with stretch exercises.

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Yadira Villarroel

During her childhood, Yadira travelled around the world with her family. When she came back to the Netherlands in 2012, she decided to pursue her passion for dancing. She took several Zumba courses and became an official instructor in 2014.


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