PhD Energy Event 2017

PhD Energy Event 2017

Thursday 2 November 2017

The Delft Energy Initiative organized its annual PhD Energy Event at the Culture Building. 28 Posters represented by almost all faculties were pitched in two minutes by the jury. There was a good interaction by the PhD candidates with colleagues and their peers on energy-related topics, which will hopefully result in collaboration and an extended network.

The prize winners were:
1) Gustavo Otero
2) Fahimeh Nafezarefi
3) Bernhard Weninger.

14:00Welcome by professor Paulien Herder, Chair Delft Energy Initiative
14:15Poster presentations (jury: professor Paulien Herder, professor Simon Watson (AE) and Tamas Keviczky 3ME
16:00Break: lecture by Dolf Gielen; Director IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre Bonn at International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA (TU Delft alumni)
Title: Energy transitions and climate policy: the role of innovation and renewable energy technology
17:00Awards and closure
Drinks and networking

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Alejandro Prieto Hoces ABE Coolfacade: Architectural integration of solar cooling systems in
the building envelope
Anas Hassan CEG Exergy Analysis of Bio-polymer Flooding in Clastic Reservoirs
Arcadio Perilla EEMCS Impact of Active Power Gradient (APG) control of a Modular
Multilevel Converter (MMC) - High Voltage DC (HVDC) Link on
Long-Term Frequency Stability.
Baljinnyam Sereeter EEMCS The Newton power flow method for unbalanced three-phase distribution networks
Baptiste Lepillier CEG Creating a Sustainable Energy using Heat from Volcanoes
Bernhard Weninger AS Efficient electricity storage with a battolyser, an integrated Ni-Fe battery and electrolyser
Brinn Hekkelman EEMCS Market-Based Supply-Demand Matching Mechanisms
Constantino Garcia AS Syngas Production via electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
Cristina Varone 3ME Welcome to the Graphene Age
Delphine De Tavernier AE Airfoil Design; For a multi-megawatt VAWT including pitch
Esther Park Lee TPM Aggregated fuel cell cars as power plants in the day-ahead market
Fahimeh Nafezarefi AS Photochromism of rare-earth metal-oxy-hydrides
Gustavo Jose 3ME Aerodynamic design of efficient organic Rankine cycle turbines
Haopeng Wang CEG Warm-mix rubberized asphalt concrete (WarmRAC)
Javanshir Fouladvand TPM Socio-Technical Sustainable Thermal Energy System Design
Jing Dong AE The vortex ring state of floating offshore wind turbine
Juan Camilo Ortiz Lizcano EEMCS Solar Urban: Modelling the impact on performance of colour filters on Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) modules for BIPV applications 
Mohamed el Abbassi EEMCS Modelling turbulent combustion coupled with conjugate heat transfer in OpenFOAM
Nina Voulis TPM Local Energy Transition: Fingerprinting Dutch Neighbourhoods
Nishant Narayan EEMCS Modular Solar Home Systems for improving energy access in low-resource contexts
Rishabh Bhandia EEMCS Improved Grid Reliability by Intelligent Monitoring Algorith
Selma Causevic TPM Reliable Power Supply through Dynamic Distribution of Local Energy Resources During Outages
Simone Silvestri 3ME Unveiling turbulence radiation interactions on heterogeneous computing architectures
Swasti R. Khuntia EEMCS High-dimensional stochastic modeling for probabilistic outage scheduling of transmission assets
Thiago Dias Simão EEMCS Optimizing Flexible Energy Use in Industry
Vahab Rostampour 3ME ATES System in Smart Thermal Grids - Distributed Stochastic M odel Predictive Control
Victor Vega EEMCS PV-Battery Integrated Module
Xinmin You TNW The phase diagram of hexagonal Fe2P-type materials
Zoheir Haghighi ABE Solar Urban: Functional and Architectural integration of photovoltaic technology into the built environment: Challenges, Possibilities and Opportunities