Final colloquium Amir Al Jawahiri

31 mei 2018 10:30 t/m 11:15 - Locatie: 't Lagerhuysch, 3me - Door: DCSC

"Spline-based trajectory generation for autonomous truck-trailer vehicles in low speed highway scenarios"

Trajectory generators are designed in order to create reference paths that are parametrized by time as well as velocity or acceleration. This research aims to create a parametric method for trajectory generation that is not dependent on exhaustive searches or optimizations, and proves continuity conditions. Using cubic splines, a trajectory is generated that has a continuous reference tangent angle and yaw rate, while defining a custom velocity profile over the trajectory that has a continuous acceleration. While continuity conditions are achieved, simulations results showed high reference yaw rate peaks, which could be difficult to track. An alternative generator was designed based on quintic splines, such that yaw rate peaks can be limited. Closed-loop simulations using a kinematic truck-trailer model show that tracking the generated trajectory lead to continuous steering wheel and velocity control input signals. 

Dr. A. Tejada Ruiz