DIMI Seminar Multi-layered Flood Safety

22 mei 2018 09:00 t/m 13:00 - Door: Esther van Baarle

The seminar takes stock of the state of advance of flood risk management in the Netherlands and the US, focusing on opportunities for mutual learning across the Atlantic. In the Netherlands, the textbook example of successful flood risk management via large-scale preventive infrastructures, the first safety layer is very advanced. In the US, emphasis is put on emergency management and insurance after a flood event. However, in both nations, a large gap in knowledge exists considering the so-called ‘middle’ layer. This second layer, associated with ‘robust spatial planning’ and ‘spatial adaptation’ remains conceptually vague, without a proper inventory of different practices and their contribution to an effective approach for flood risk reduction. In general, it appears that the built environment is not involved as an active building block for resilience: rather, it is viewed as an independent phenomenon that makes urban deltas more vulnerable, and relies on large-scale infrastructures to keep it safe, or disaster management and insurance to mitigate the damages.  

The seminar focuses on two key questions:
- First, how do the different safety layers interact with each other?
- Second, what are the possibilities for mutual learning between the US and the Netherlands?
Ideally, relations among the different layers would be identified in such a way that not only existing practices in the first and third layer are improved, but also in a way that the second layer is mobilized in service of a balanced risk approach for resilient urban deltas.
This event includes speakers:
Prof. Ellen van Bueren (DUT, Chair)
US perspective: Prof. Phil Bedient (Rice), Prof. Jeroen Aerts (VU), Prof. Sam Brody (TAMUG).
Dutch perspective: Mark Voorendt (DUT), Prof. Matthijs Kok (DUT/HKV), Nikki Brand (DUT).
Panel reflection by: Marc Walraven (RWS), Jerry Cotter (USAGE), Prof. Jens Figlus (TAMUG), Bas Kolen (DUT/HKV), Prof. Bartel Van de Walle (DUT), Prof. Meri Davlasheridze (TAMUG), Sophie Stolwijk (Delta Program), Charles Penland (Walter P Moore) and Prof. Phil Berke (Texas A&M).

Participation is free, registration obligated