EWM-NL visits Delft

27 oktober 2017 12:30 t/m 14:00 - Door: Communication EWI

The association of professional female mathematicians in the Netherlands is going to visit TU Delft on the 27th of October. Join for free lunch and an interesting discussion!

EWM-NL is the Dutch branch of EWM (European Women in Mathematics). We would like to meet you and get feedback on what issues you find important and how EWM-NL could help with that.

This is a chance to learn about EWM-NL, discover its goals and activities, and join the open discussion on gender-balance in mathematics.

Who: All mathematicians! (students, staff, male, female, ... )
What: Discussion on gender balance in mathematics
When: 27th of October, 12:45-13:30
Where: EWI lecture hall D@ta
Includes: Free lunch, introduction by EWM-NL, discussion session with
audience and open question/suggestion round

12:30-12:45    Walk-in with lunch
12:45-12:50    Introduction EWM-NL: our mission, organization and activities
12:50-13:15    Interactive discussion session on gender balance
13:15-13:25    Open question/suggestion round: what would you like to see changed?
13:25-13:30    Wrap up
13:30-14:00    Informal continuation of the discussion

Please register for free lunch via

More info about EWM-NL can be found on our website:
www.EWMnetherlands.nl<http://www.ewmnetherlands.nl/> (new, will
be online on October 9th)