Open Access Week

23 oktober 2017 08:00 t/m 29 oktober 2017 08:00

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The international Open Access Week (23-29 October), now organized for the eighth year, aims to make Open Access the new norm in scholarship and research.

Seminar 'Publish for Influence'
On 1 November, TU Delft is organizing an open access seminar together with its LDE partners. The
‘Publish for Influence’ seminar, held in Rotterdam, lets the experts share their views on publishing, visibility and impact – be it academic, societal and economic, on the importance of ‘being open’, and about ways and methods for measuring impact. Interested? Please register

Journal Browser campaign
With the ‘Open up to open access’ campaign, the VSNU and its partners, including TU Delft, are giving special attention to the Journal Browser during the Open Access week. The Journal Browser, that provides more than 30,000 journals, can be consulted by authors who wish to select a journal for publishing their work Open Access.

With a number of publishers, TU Delft Library has arranged special programmes that ensure the exposure of publications without costs for the author. Information on the agreements with these publishers can be found on Specific information on the journal level is captured in the Journal Browser.

Open Access milestone
The increased attention for Open Access has resulted in the number of open access articles reaching the 10,000 milestone in the first week of October 2017. TU Delft accounts for 900 of those articles. The goal of Dutch Universities is to publish 60% open access by the end of 2018. Information about how to make use of all the Open Access funding possibilities as a TU Delft researcher can be found