PowerWeb lecture “Disrupting the energy future” by Alvaro Sanchez Miralles

27 oktober 2017 14:30 t/m 15:30 - Locatie: Faculty TPM; Jaffalaan 5, Room C (ground floor)

The PowerWeb plaform invites you to an extra lecture by professor Alvaro Sánchez Miralles of Comillas University. The lecture is titled: 'Disrupting the energy future'.

The future of the energy sector will be very different in a few years. To meet the ambitious targets of Europe 2020 particularly regarding “secure, clean and efficient energy” and considering the relevance of buildings in overall energy demand, 40% (and emissions), some actions and changes must be made to comply with the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD) (that contains provisions to increase renovation rates). We think that the future is very promising because:

1) The electrification of building heating demands, replacing gas boilers with heat pumps, is seen as one means of reducing carbon emissions.
2) Hybrid RES.
3) Heat pumps development and evolution.
4) Electric vehicles.
5) It is necessary a reconceptualization of strategic and organizational processes, towards a new business model within the new Service-Dominant Logic (SDL) paradigm. For that purpose, energy companies should know and integrate three innovative axioms as the pillars of energy value: (1) the value is determined by the end-users during the use process and is created based on their own experiences; (2) the value is co-created between end-users and utilities; and (3) the value is created through the integration of DER, exchanging experiences.
6) Community cloud. More than a social energy network…

To address these opportunities, the presentation will show two new technologies (STEMY and SPLODER, registered trademarks, developed by COMILLAS university with MIT collaboration and support) for buildings that can enable the energy flexibility in buildings to reduce the carbon emissions and to cut the bill, without compromising the comfort levels. They interconnect the thermal and electrical smart grids, and provide grid ancillary services through demand response schemes. Several demonstrations in 5 regions and 3 climatic zones in Spain (BWh, Csa and Csb climates according to the KöppenGeiger climate classification) have been carried out. They  are already running 24x7 with excellent results.

Finally, the presentation will show a roadmap with several steps to achieve the best results in these topics in the short and medium terms, that goes from the creation of a new company to the exploitation of these technologies using the SDL paradigm to have a privileged position in 4 years to disrupt the energy future. We would like to count with TU Delft in this roadmap and to fix successful goals in the short term establishing a win-win framework of partners.

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