Do you dream of being a photographer but never held a camera before? Or do you picture yourself as a ballerina in the mirror while brushing your teeth? Why not visit the Free Try-Outs at Culture to see what’s possible!

Unit Culture offers more than 40 varying courses in media, arts, dance, music and theatre. Lindy hop, Fashion design, Drawing & Painting or Piano - pop/jazz; these are just a few examples! Don’t know which course to choose? On 15 November, the Free Try-Outs will take place at Unit Culture. On this night most of the courses present themselves, so it is the perfect opportunity to talk with the teachers, check out the spaces and get a taste of the possibilities. We have more to offer than you think;-).  

Curious what courses you can try out on 15 November? Check out the schedule below.

You do not need to enrol for this night, plus its free of charge. Just come by and enjoy yourself!

Wednesday 15 November | 19:00 – 22:00 | at Unit Culture | €0.-