Summer School: Managing Flood Disasters in Delta Cities

18 juni 2017 12:00 t/m 24 juni 2017 12:00 - Locatie: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China - Door: Webredactie TBM

TPM and Tsinghua University will be organising a joint summer school on ‘Managing Flood Disasters in Delta Cities’ in China this summer. Flood risk management and disaster response both deal with flooding, but are, up to now, relatively separate communities, both in science as well as in policy-making.

This summer school aims to bring the Dutch and Chinese experts from flood risk management and disaster response together, to facilitate the exchange of best practices and knowledge on effective flood disaster management. Leon Hermans, Kenny Meesters, Bartel Van de Walle and Yan Wang are in the organising committee. The summer school is funded by the KNAW China Exchange Programme (CEP).