Seminar: Housing Standards & Ideals

22 juni 2017 09:00 t/m 17:30 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Berlagezaal - Door: Webredactie-mc

On 22 June, the seminar 'Housing Standards & Ideals: The Case of Housing Design in India' will take place.


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India's rapid urbanisation and growth as an emerging economic power presents us with what can certainly be called one of humanity's biggest challenges in the coming 50 years. By the year 2025, India is expected to surpass China as the world’s most populous country. And by the middle of this century, it will be home to more than 1.6 billion people - of which more than 50 percent (about 875 million people) will be living in its urban centers. With a current urban housing shortage of more than 20 million units, how can architects and planners confront these epic issues? And what role can design play in imagining these new urban landscapes?TU Delft's newly initiated Global Housing Study Centre hopes to generate debate and discussion regarding these issues by organizing a day-long seminar at the Faculty of Architecture that will focus on the challenge of designing affordable housing in India. Speakers will include prominent Indian architects such as Rahul Mehrotra (RMA Architects & Harvard University) and Sameep Padora (sP+a), as well as presentations by Dick van Gameren, Nelson Mota and Rohan Varma. In addition to these lectures, the seminar will also include the screening of two films "Nostalgia for the Future" and "Vertical City" that deal with modernity in India, and the idea of the home.The seminar will close with a visit to the "Building on Ideas" Exhibition at BK Expo, that charts the Indian architect Charles Correa's designs for housing.