Lecture: The sustainable neighbourhood

24 september 2018 12:45 t/m 13:45 - Locatie: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Room C - Door: Communication BK

On 24 September, Heleen Bothof (LUZ Architecten) gives a lecture on ‘The sustainable neighbourhood’. This lecture is part of the lecture series and minor ‘Neighbourhood of the future’.

Urban planners have to introduce and design sustainable urban interventions, creating future proof neighbourhoods within the framework of a green/blue city. Climate change has become a visible problem in the urban environment of the Netherlands. Cities cope with heavy rainfall in short periods of time and heat stress occurs more often, even leading to more casualties. At the same time, large parts of some existing neighbourhoods are falling into decay. Residents with high incomes move out, leaving the disadvantaged behind. The social structure of the neighbourhood becomes fragile.

This lecture series focusses on one central question: What should a sustainable, smart and healthy neighbourhood look like?

Heleen Bothof will talk about the need for social and environmental sustainability in the neighbourhood. ‘Sustaining’ the urban environment in its current state is not enough to either assimilate or counter the effects of climate change and provide a safe and healthy living space for all. Urban designers need to understand and assess pressures on the environment and socio-economic processes in order to be able to make design solutions. During the lecture, Heleen Bothof will give examples from the projects Green Blue Delft Zuidoost and the Opportunity Maps for the neighbourhoods Buitenhof and Voorhof in Delft.