Lezing: Collaborative housing

15 mei 2018 10:30 t/m 12:00 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Berlageroom 1 - Door: Communication BK

The ‘Collaborative housing’ research group at the MBE Chair Housing Management will host a public lecture by visiting scholar Jasmine Palmer on 15 May. The lecture will focus on understanding and reconfiguring networks of design decision-making.

Built Environment production, habitation, and management inevitably involves a complex interaction between heterogeneous entities. Guest researcher dr. Jasmine Palmer will present both past and current research which compares international collaborative housing projects, commencing from an Australian context.  

As lecturer in Architecture and Sustainable Design at the University of South Australia, School of Art, Architecture and Design, Dr Palmer’s research in interested in processes of change and disruption, and how design[er]s respond to controversy and failure.  With a particular focus on housing, she proposes the employment of an actor-network lens to think relationally about housing provision, asking: Why do we have the housing/architecture/cities that we do, and how can we get to the housing/architecture/cities that we want?

Dr Palmer has previously proposed, and is currently refining, an analytical tool which employs visual and metric mapping of actor-networks to understand the heterogeneous networks of design decision-making in the built environment. Re-shaping the built environment for a more sustainable and equitable urban future is not solely a physical or spatial design challenge, but also a relational one.


10:30  Introduction by Darinka Czischke
10:40Lecture Jasmine Palmer
11:20Discussion with guest discussant Pauline van den Berg 
11:30 Open discussion
11:55Close by Darinka Czischke


For questions, please contact Sara Brysch