Public lecture by visiting professor Paul Kalkhoven

11 oktober 2018 12:45 t/m 13:45 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Oostserre - Door: Communication BK

During his second public lecture on 'Innovation - Materials & implementation’, visiting professor Paul Kalkhoven will zoom in on the technical difficulties of innovation in architecture.

Visiting professor Paul Kalkhoven follows up on his first public lecture 'Innovation: Process & Opportunity' by zooming in on technical aspects of architectural innovation. During his second public lecture, he will talk about innovation in materials and the difficulties that arise when implementing new ideas and new techniques. How to get those grand ideas from the drawing board to the building site? 

Did you miss Kalkhoven’s first lecture, or do you want to watch it again? Watch it here on Collegerama.  

Paul Kalkhoven

Paul Kalkhoven is senior partner and head of technical design at Foster + Partners, and BK alumnus. Kalkhoven joined Foster + Partners in 1985 and has been involved in a variety of transport, care, educational, and cultural projects. Read more on his visiting professorship here