Public lecture visiting professor Kasper Jensen

05 september 2018 17:30 t/m 18:30 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Oostserre - Door: Communication BK

On 5 September, Kasper Jensen will kick of his visiting professorship with his public lecture ‘Building A Circular Future'.

In his lecture, visiting professor Kasper Jensen will focus on the possibilities of circular architecture, and the potential roles of architecture in the circular economy of the future. To illustrate his argument, he will refer to projects designed by 3XN and research done by GXN. In his lecture, he will question: what does our circular future look like? What does it mean to work and live in buildings inspired by the circular economy? In Jensen’s eyes, we need to challenge and rethink the way we approach and use materials, how we can design for greater flexibility and disassembly, what role digital fabrication can play, and what business models will power the circular economy.