Symposium: Kinaesthesia, synaesthesia and the perception of place

02 mei 2018 15:00 t/m 19:00 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Berlagezalen - Door: Communication BK

On 2 May, the symposium ‘Kinaesthesia, synaesthesia and the perception of place’ will be organised on the occasion of the book launch of Saskia de Wit’s Hidden Landscapes. The metropolitan garden as multi-sensory expression of place.

The symposium will deal with the perception of place, providing tools to sharpen our view for the particular, to identify the places of the metropolitan landscape in their structural, material, dynamic, practical, atmospheric, mnemonic and discursive identities. How do we perceive our surroundings? What makes a place? What are the requirements for the built environment to make us feel at home? 


  • Welcome by Ellen Braae
  • Hidden Landscapes by Saskia de Wit
  • Perspectives on the perception of place by Klaske Havik, René van der Velde, André Dekker, and Jan Kolen
  • Discussion
  • Book presentation
  • Drinks


This public symposium has a free entrance. Please do register here before 27 April 2018.  
For questions, feel free to contact Saskia de Wit