Visiting Professor Ellen Braae: Recycling Post-industrial Landscapes

13 februari 2018 17:30 t/m 19:00 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Berlagezaal - Door: Communication BK

On 13 February, Visiting Professor Ellen Braae will present her findings and foundings on the landscape architecture challenges of tomorrow.

Since the 1950s, the Western World has involuntarily inherited a large amount of industrial left-overs. They are located everywhere and constitute an entangled part of today’s urbanised landscapes, yet being something in their own. Their sustainable reintegration entails more than ecological, economic and social concerns. It also involves cultural dimensions in the culturally segregated areas, new ideas of aesthetic quality, reinvention of potential uses and not least it questions our outdated design apparatus designed for something completely different. Traditional design approaches creating something new ex nihilo only take us half the way. It’s urgent for landscape architecture to develop new modes of design, i.e. transformation as turning something into something else involving time-concepts relating past, present and future in strategic ways.

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