Visiting Professor Tiit Tammaru: Urban Poverty and Segregation

22 februari 2018 09:45 t/m 10:45 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Zaal F - Door: Communication BK

On 22 February, Visiting Professor Tiit Tammaru will give his first public lecture titled 'Urban Poverty and Segregation in European Cities - The Relationship between Social Inequalities and Socio-Economic Segregation'.

Prof. Tammaru will start his lecture with an overview of the changes in the level of socio-economic segregation in 14 European capital cities. He questions why we do not always find evidence of the assumed positive relationship between levels of social inequalities and levels of socio-economic segregation. By backdating social inequalities, changes in socio-economic segregation can be better understood.

The talk proceeds with the discussion on the relationship between levels of social inequalities and socio-spatial mobility. Cross-country comparison provides evidence that growing levels of social inequalities come along with increased socio-spatial mobility, first, followed by the petrification socio-spatial structures thereafter. 

Prof. Tammaru will conclude with a discussion of the implications of growing social inequalities on some of the key socio-spatial processes in European cities: gentrification and suburbanization of poverty, immigration and ethnic integration, and inter-generational transmission of socio-spatial (dis)advantage. These socio-spatial processes sum up into a vicious circle of segregation as different social and ethnic groups sort into different urban neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces.