Exhibition - Object-Based Learning

17 oktober 2018 11:02 - Locatie: Teaching lab

Teaching with Heritage #3

Every semester, an educator is invited to select a series of objects from TU Delft Library’s Special Collections for this display. In a short film, he or she reflects on the role heritage plays (or could play) in teaching. In today’s increasingly digitised learning environments, the use of physical collections can offer a valuable change of scene. This display was curated by Charlotte van Wijk, a researcher at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and curator of the faculty’s Chair Collection.


Many items in the Special Collections were originally used for educational purposes. A lot of the  decorative objects originate from either the department of Decorative Arts or the Freehand Drawing department. The latter offered drawing classes to all engineering students as a minor specialisation from 1842. The aim was to sharpen observation skills and broaden the imagination of students. In the 1880s, Decorative Arts teachers introduced a more up-to-date method which involved using real applied arts items, rather than plaster casts and plates.


Ms van Wijk advocates the continued use of the historical study collections. After immersing herself in object-based learning as a teaching method, she initiated a research and design studio based on the Chair Collection. Her research into the historic use of the study collections served as inspiration and has led to some interesting discoveries.