Food for Mars I

01 juli 2018 08:00 t/m 18 juli 2018 23:00 - Locatie: HALL TU DELFT LIBRARY, PROMETHEUSPLEIN 1, DELFT

Do we need to colonize space to survive as a species?

Opening Exhibition: 7 June - 12:00 in hall Library TUDelft

This installation shows current research in Wageningen University on cultivating plants for sustenance on Mars. The soil, the temperature, the light, the atmosphere, the radiation, the lack of liquid water, everything is different on the red planet. How do we build a liveable ecosystem in space? And where? And is there any urgency: “If we want to survive as human species –and want to save human civilization- do we HAVE to colonize space”? We hope to discuss humanity’s drive to colonize space, a dream that may very well come true within their lifetime. You as well can leave your statements and ideas about that on the “white-wall” accompanying this exhibition.

 The installation we show here is based on the research of Wieger Wamelink; exobiologist at Wageningen University.