22/03 TedxDelft: As a Matter of Faith

22 maart 2018 16:00 t/m 21:00 - Door: Communication

One afternoon, eight inspiring speakers and progressive ideas about our faith in the future. Everything that gives people something to hold onto, support in this day and age: As a Matter of Faith. On Thursday 22 March, TEDxDelft is back for the sixth edition.

As a Matter of Faith

As a Matter of Faith stands for so-called ‘new beliefs’. Technology, science and life are beliefs that in this day and age function as a beacon in people’s lives. Where religion was undisputable in the past, society now searches for more meaning in new ways of living, working and thinking. As a sort of anchor for existence. The question is, is this belief (system) one that needs to nurtured and dedicated too because it is here to stay? Or is it instead just a hype? Is this something individualistic or rather meant for society as a whole? And what sort of influence does, and will this have on science and business life?

As a Matter of Faith deals with the themes: nature (sustainable business, the circular economy), people (feminism, depression), technology (robotics, artificial intelligence, block chains) and freedom (cyber security, social media). In addition to speakers who will inspire your thought processes, there will also be a musical line up, interesting side-events as well as a special food experience.


TEDxDelft tickets include dinner. This dinner is best to be described as a food experience, inspired by the theme of nature, people, technology and freedom. It scores high on the surprise factor and will stimulate all the senses. Tickets are available via www.tedxdelft.nl.

·        Students: €15.-

·        the general public: € 40.-

·        business owners: €85.-

-> Early birds get a €5.- discount.

About TED

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is focused on the power of ideas which induce deep discussions with each other and bring people in contact with ‘ideas worth spreading’.

TEDxDelft is innovative, surprising and fresh both in the programme as well as the experience. It bridges a gap with all that Delft has to offer by means of history, culture, science and innovation. Delft is the place to be for the latest developments in the field of technology in combination with a fantastic TED experience; a place where to expect the unexpected. 

TEDxDelft 2018 As a Matter of Faith

Thursday 22 March | 16:00 – 21:00 | at the Aula Conference Centre | €15.-