25/04 Free Try-Outs at Culture

25 april 2018 18:00 t/m 22:00 - Door: Communication

Do you feel the need to learn something more than how to solve differential equations? Or do you want to hone your skills, such as dancing or playing an instrument? In the last quarter of the year, Unit Culture offers about 40 varying courses in media, arts, dance, music and theatre. During the Free Try-Outs at Culture on 25 April, you can try out most of these courses offered.

Lindy Hop, Fashion Design, Theatre Improvisation or Guitar lessons; these are just a few examples of the courses given in Q4! Don’t know which course to choose to follow? Visit the Free Try-Outs at Unit Culture. During this night most of the courses present themselves, so it is the perfect opportunity to talk with the teachers, check out the spaces and get a taste of the possibilities. We have more to offer than you think;-).

The full programme is shown below. Also, some of the associations will give a little sneak peek of what they have to offer. Feel free to walk in at any course you like and join or just watch!